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Hello, and thank you for visiting my page.


I created this website to showcase my photographic work which has been taken at various locations across my home country of Scotland. I have a real passion for capturing the beautiful landscapes and historic monuments that scatter this land and hope that my images maybe inspire you to go and visit them yourself one day too.


Scotland truly does have some of the most stunning countryside in the world, with constantly changing weather and wonderful light that can completely alter the scenery in a matter of minutes. The tones and hues of the landscape are in constant flux and a sunny day with clear blue skies can very quickly transform into a dark, brooding and even sinister scene in the blink of an eye.


For me though, this is the greatest allure of the Scottish landscape - the juxtaposition between its natural beauty and sense of foreboding. It is this contradiction that I try to capture in my landscape images – the intertwining of light and dark, which is of course the very essence of photography.


Medieval and historical architecture is another great passion of mine and I have travelled extensively throughout Scotland to visit dozens of castle, monastic and bronze age ruins. 


These magnificent structures make for excellent subject matter in their own right, but I think that also knowing some of the history linked to the buildings really adds to their enduring mystique and intrigue - for very often the most picturesque of castles seen today in peaceful surroundings can hide a turbulent and violent past, with its appealing location completely belying the dark events or insidious history that took place there all those years ago.


I find that fascinating and again it is this light versus dark contradiction that I try to bring in to my images of these ancient buildings, either with the structure itself, or with the landscape surrounding it so as to make the final image look as contextual as possible.

In all of my photography I want to give the viewer the impression of actually being there, but also try to give each photograph its own mood and sense of presence so that you are not just looking at the picture, but feeling it as well.



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